January 22, 2010


Having been working on several hotel accounts, I’ve been considering making use of one myself. More specifically, of treating my blushing groom to a weekend getaway in a city he’s been to but only for Grateful Dead concerts: NYC.

Now, while I do work on one account in The City, the chances that I’ll be comped a room for my stay is unlikely, not that I’m not going to try. Still, I’ve been toying with staying somewhere that won’t bankrupt us or assault our senses and think I’ve found the very answer.

The Pod Hotel.

Located on E 51st Street, between 2nd and 3rd Ave, the former Pickwick Arms is not only conveniently located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan’s East Side, it’s nicely priced. A four-night stay for Valentine’s Day weekend would be around $826, plus taxes.

For The City, that’s a great deal and the rooms, or I suppose pods, are rather stylish. Mod but not posh, the minimalist décor is more than fine for a space we’ll be using just a few hours each day. Granted, my 6’ 2” hubby may find the pod-sized rooms a bit of a challenge, but the money we’ll be saving, and spending elsewhere, will be well-worth a stubbed toe or two, me thinks.

I haven’t read the reviews on Tripadvisor yet, but I probably will before we book, if we book.

For now, though, I’d like to live with the illusion that a groovy NYC weekend is kinda, sorta doable.

[IMAGES: View of hotel interior (via cool-hotels.net); Shot of double room and roof top deck via The Pod Hotel.]

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