April 13, 2010


I love Danish Modern design. In fact, I keep thinking I was born 50 years too late. Either that or 500 years to early, but that’s for another post.

Well, in my pursuits, one of the greater pains I’ve experienced was that of trying to find mid-century lighting that didn’t look like it had been through WWII, as well. Thankfully, one day I decided to actually look at those small ads in the back of Dwell and spotted one for Lotte Lamps.

I immediately went to their site where I not only spotted one lamp I loved, but several. I was surprised to find pin-up lamps—not shown—among the styles they offer. Mostly because I didn’t even know these were still in production anywhere.

Now, I’m not sure whether or not to call these stoneware gems reproductions, since they’ve been in production since 1957. Regardless, they are most definitely worthy to light your beloved Eames lounge.

Available in a variety of classic mid-century modern shapes including floor lamps, prices start at $125 and go up to about $475. You also get your choice of 14 yummy colors, as well as matt or gloss finish.

So, if you’re looking for mid-century lighting, visit their site and download their bountiful catalogues. You can’t order online—their “How
to Buy” button is essentially an email to the company—but I’m sure that ordering the “old fashioned way” works just as fine.

All images via Lotte Lamps.