May 12, 2010


This post was originally going to be about one of my favorite lifestyle magazines, Wallpaper.

Then, of course, I began thinking of actual wallpaper and the fact that most of us have sadly, though perhaps rather sanely, opted to pick up paintbrushes instead of wallpaper rolls in our own DIY projects. And really, who can be blamed when you consider the prep time and mess involved?

That having been said, though, these tasty wallpapers from Wallpaper from the 70s are making me completely rethink my "it's too much work" anti-wallpaper bias.

Available by the roll, the options range from fabulously floral to totally psychedelic. And unlike stumbling across that random roll on eBay, you’ll actually be able to calculate and buy the amount you need for your project. Best of all, generous A4-sized samples are available for a mere $0.67 each, plus shipping from the UK.

Not bad. In fact, pretty damn good, I think. And right now, it's making me think twice about ever using a paintbrush again. Well, within reason.

[IMAGES OF SAMPLES SHOWN: Top left, in room, Dusares; Three samples, from left to right, Iduna, Electra, and Poseidon.]