November 18, 2009


Why a post about a toilet?

Well, because:

A) It's a damn fine toilet.
B) It's a Starck 3 toilet, designed by Philippe Starck for Duravit.
C) We're in desperate need of a new toilet for the guest bathroom.

Now, I should mention that we already have one in the master bathroom. We have, though, decided to dump—pun intended—the nasty, leaking Crane toilet in our guest bath that, for reasons relating to a microscopic budget, was the one fixture we kept after our renovation.

Of course, we didn't think of buying another Starck 3 water closet, as it's also called, but we were stunned to learn that other toilets at local mega hardware stores weren't that much cheaper. In fact, several were much more expensive. And, given the design, you simply can't find better. At least, not for $297 delivered via HomeClick.

I'll be ordering ours tomorrow. So, if anyone is in need of a nasty, leaking Crane toilet, just let me know.

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